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Dentistry A New Vision and a New Approach Evolution in dentistry
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All the fields of medicine have evolved largely over the last few decades. Dentistry is one of them. The face of dentistry is completely different from what it was about 50 years back. This practice has undergone drastic changes. Every change and innovation in dentistry takes place with the intention of better patient care. The aim is also to improve quality and efficiency. Modern technology and new attitudes have helped to improvise the current situation.

Treatment oriented to patient oriented.

A few years back dentistry was totally treatment-oriented, but gradually it moved towards being patient-oriented with a preventive approach.

Evidence-based dentistry

Aesthetics Dental problems are very common these days and people get attracted towards Dentists who know the latest techniques and have the best materials. From diagnosis to lab work, dentistry has changed in every field. Tooth decay is one of the most common dental-related problems. Filling the decayed tooth with the best material is very important. Technology is continuously working to invent filling materials that are more aesthetic, tough, biocompatible, and easy to manipulate. Dentists now have various choices and options to decide upon the best filling material depending on the situation.


Teeth are an important part of a face. They can add up to one’s looks or spoil them. Smile makes you look and feel beautiful. But if your smile or laugh shows discoloured or eroded teeth, it can look ugly and kill your confidence.

Aesthetics add more value to dentistry. Most people desire to have their teeth clean, white and aligned.

Digital dentistry

Digital dentistry is a new development in the field of dentistry which has gained popularity. It uses computer-based devices and digital technology instead of mechanical or electrical procedures. Modern methods have replaced traditional methods.
Patient care becomes better with computer-based technology. Manual steps of dental procedures are eliminated by digital dentistry. This is very beneficial for dentists in providing more efficient and accurate treatment.

Benefits of digital dentistry

Digital dentistry has bought innumerable benefits to the field of dentistry. New technologies and techniques offer many advantages. These are:

Correct diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis leads to accurate treatment. Digital dentistry helps in the correct diagnosis and enables dentists to treat diseases properly.

Traditional x-ray images could not be enlarged while digital radiography images and CBCT X-rays can be. Therefore, they can display an accurate representation of a patient’s teeth and oral anatomy.

Reduce time and costs

Time is precious. It plays an important part in every treatment. A lot of time is saved if the diagnosis is done through digital techniques. No need to wait for days to get the x-ray reports. Valuable time and money are saved.

Digital images help to make any decision immediately and even patients can view and understand them.

Improved patient experience

Earlier patients have to bite on the impression materials to get the right size of the tooth. This was very uncomfortable for many. Digital imaging helps to eliminate this discomfort. Doctors can now easily scan the teeth using a 3D scanner. This is much more comfortable for the patients as well as doctors.

Improved communication

Digital imaging also helps doctors by enabling them to easily communicate with other specialists and dental laboratories. They can take expert opinions and render better treatment. One need not be physically present to get advice from the best doctor in the field.

In the field of orthodontics

Orthodontics is that branch of dentistry which deals with defects in the placements and arrangements of teeth. It corrects all these faults.

Braces are used to straighten the teeth of adults, adolescents or children. Braces can be fixed or removable. They are adjustable and straighten the teeth while allowing growth and development.

Benefits of orthodontics

Apart from enhancing cosmetic appearances orthodontics have several benefits

Improving self-esteem by improving the function of teeth. Better speech, clear pronunciation and better chewing are the results of the treatment.

The risk of dental caries and gum injury gets reduced.

Traditionally, braces were made of metal which was heavy and irritating. Though It was cost-effective and durable it was neither comfortable to wear nor pleasant to look at.

Over the decades, braces have gone through several developments. After metal braces came ceramic braces which are still popular. They are less noticeable. Braces were revolutionised by the advent of clear and removable aligners. This allows eating and drinking freely without disrupting the treatment.


Prosthodontics procedures have advanced to much higher levels than was possible a few years back. Nowadays, CAD/CAM technology is used for manufacturing prostheses. Zirconia crowns and implant-supported prostheses have become an important part of dentistry now

New fields of dentistry

New vision and new approach have led to the development of new fields in Dentistry. Dental anesthesiology, dental public health, pedodontics, periodontics, and maxillofacial pain studies are some of the new fields that hold a great scope for the future. Laser dentistry is another field which is gaining popularity as it involves minimally invasive techniques. Specific lasers treat the teeth, while other lasers treat gums and soft tissue.

DentXperts clinic in Panchkula is well equipped with all the modern equipment and facilities to provide the best dental treatment experience.


While all dental procedures have advanced and improved in technology, the whole procedure’s cost has also increased. Therefore, the most important vision for the coming years is preventive measures and reinventing methods for preventing dental diseases.

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