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New Trends in Dental Technology
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Dentistry is one field which is always changing and evolving. Scientists and technicians are always looking for new and emerging technology to improve the dental treatment experience.

This helps dentists to work more precisely and accurately and hence minimise any risk or pain. It also reduces the patient’s discomfort and lessens post-procedure issues.

Advanced Technological helps to reduce fear and anxiety in children as well as adults.

Advancement in technology is a continuous process. There is no end to it.

Some of the latest trends in dentistry are:

1. Digital X-Rays:

Digital X-rays contain less radiation than traditional X-rays and are also faster. It is time-saving as the image appears immediately on the computer. Dentists can use these images to detect the problems and decide on the treatment. They can zoom in and get a clearer view.

It can be shown to the patient and the situation can be explained properly to them. Digital X-rays contain 90% less radiation and are hence less harmful.


Invisalign is clear and invisible braces which are used to straighten the teeth. Braces earlier were heavy and uncomfortable as they were made of metals. They spoiled the overall looks of the person wearing them.

Invisalign braces can easily be taken out for cleaning and allowed to eat all kinds of foods. They work faster and are easy to handle.

3. Laser Dentistry:

Lasers are used for several purposes. Reducing tooth sensitivity, filling cavities, teeth whitening and removing tumours are some of the uses of lasers in dentistry. Laser dentistry is pain-free and fast. It is also effective in removing any bacteria during the procedure. This eliminates any further problems or complications.

4.Dental Implants:

Traditionally if a tooth got missing due to some accident or disease there was no replacement. Only false teeth. Dental implants are perfect and the latest solution. They are screw replacements for the root portion of missing teeth.

Implants bring back happy smiles when patients have missing teeth. Implants are an effective replacement for missing teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth.


Healozone is an easy, fast, and painless way to get rid of tooth decay. The reason that Healozone is effective is that it contains ozone (O3), which is a common natural gas which kills bacteria and fungus very effectively.

Healozone helps to detect tooth decay at an early stage and prevents it from progressing and causing further damage.

6.Regenerative Dentistry:

Regenerative dentistry defies the common belief that with age teeth will fall and get damaged. Also, they can only be replaced by prostheses. Regenerative dentistry is developing self-healing teeth and repairing damaged teeth through biological therapy.

Researchers at the University of Nottingham and Harvard University have developed dental fillings that enable teeth to heal themselves. These fillings promote the growth of dentin by stimulating stem cells. It means teeth can be effectively regrown through dental disease and root canals are not require

 7.Intra-oral camera:

Sometimes for dentists, it becomes very difficult to see what they want to see, despite their patients opening their mouths to the widest.

Dental mirrors fail to help in such situations. These situations can be very uncomfortable for both the patient and the doctor. It can be painful for the patients. Intra-oral cameras can solve this problem.

The cameras’ unique liquid lens technology works like the human eye and easily captures image capture and delivers clear, detailed images of patients’ teeth.

8.Artificial Intelligence helps in Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence tools are more consistent and trustworthy than dentists in diagnosing tooth decay. Bitewing and peripheral radiographs are used for the purpose.AI algorithms are trained using billions of data points. This helps them to come to a conclusion based on available evidence. They are better than humans at identifying specific conditions.

9.. Zoom Whitening:

Zoom! Whitening is a new art of teeth whitening. This treatment gives patients the desired fast and easy results. In one sitting Zoom Whitening can bring an important change in a person’s smile. They make teeth up to eight shades whiter.


Velscope is a special type of light that dental professionals shine in a patient’s mouth to find out any abnormalities. This new form of technology is effectively used to detect early stages of cancer or any other disease during an oral cancer screening.


In dentistry, robotics is a boom. It can increase accuracy and precision. Dental robots can perform treatments like filling cavities and cleaning or extracting teeth. Nerve damage and implant failure are some of the risks associated with dental implants despite a high success rate.

Robotics and navigational surgery technology increase success rates and guide the oral surgeon during the implant procedure with enhanced precision and consistency.


The aim of technology in a dental practice is to help dentists in providing the better level of care that is currently available to their patients. Using the latest technology does not necessarily mean spending a large amount of money. Many technology companies can help in setting up new technology at desired places. They help in the installation and learning of the latest technology available for your dental practice.

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